Parks and Recreation

MARA (Middletown Area Recreation Alliance)
(717) 948-3300, ext. 1038


Lower Swatara Township is a contributing member of MARA which offers a variety of year-round recreational and leisure activities for all ages. In addition, Township residents can become active in the Lower Swatara Township Athletic Association, which offers youth baseball and softball, and the Olmsted Regional Soccer Association, which offers youth soccer.

The Township has a recreation advisory board comprised of interested residents that advises the Board of Commissioners on the construction and improvement of parks and recreation facilities in the Township.

The Township owns six public parks where residents can enjoy sports, picnicking, and outdoor activities. In addition to the Township-owned parks, residents can also enjoy the facilities at the Middletown Area High School and Kunkel Elementary School, which are located in the Township. This chart illustrates the features of each park

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Will Foster Director, MARA
Jason Wagner Athletic Association President
Christopher DeHart Representative to MARA
Ronald J. Paul Alternate Representative to MARA

Township Recreation Board

Name Title
Virginia L. Noll Member, Term Expires 12/31/2020
James Kazakavage Member, Term Expires 12/31/2024
Scott Dintiman Member, Term Expires 12/31/2023
Tim Yeich Member, Term Expires 12/31/2024
Carl Dupes Member, Term Expires 12/31/2020