Residential Trash and Recycling Requirements

Residential Trash and Recycling Hauler: 

Residents will be provided with a 96-gallon (or smaller) cubcart with wheels and attached lid for trash. No more than one curbcart plus a single bulk item will be collected each week. In the alternative, the number of bags set out for pickup cannot exceed three bags plus a single bulk item or four bags with no bulk item. Tags for bags exceeding this amount can be purchased from the Township.

Residents will be provided with a 64-gallon recycling curbcart with wheels and attached lid for recyling. Recycling is collected on a weekly basis.  

Recyclables to be Collected:
  • cardboard
  • mixed paper including office paper, glossy paper, copy paper,
  • computer paper, manila envelopes, and junk mail
  • glass bottles and jars
  • aluminum cans, steel cans, bi-metal cans, aerosol cans
  • plastic bottles #1PETE and #2HDPE
  • yard waste (see below)

YARD WASTE (tree trimmings, shrubbery, and other organic landscape vegetation) should not be placed in the trash, but rather placed curbside for a separate recycling collection by the hauler every other week during your regular collection day from April through November. Yard waste should be placed in either biodegradable bags ("Kraft" type bags) or tied in easily handled bundles. Bags or bundles should not weigh more than 40 lbs. each, with a maximum of ten bags permitted per household per collection. Bundles of woody waste should not exceed eight inches in diameter nor three feet in length. Grass clippings are NOT a part of yard waste recycling collection.

LEAF COLLECTION is a separate collection in the fall; leaves are picked up curbside by the Publlc Works Department (schedule announced early fall). 

ELECTRONICS: The Covered Devices Recycling Act prohibits residents and businesses from placing their electronic waste at the curb or in their trash. Covered devices include desktop computers, laptops, monitors, computer peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers), televisions, etc. Please contact the Dauphin County Recycling Center at 717-982-6772 or visit its website for more information.