"Routine" Emergencies

The personnel in the departments providing emergency and routine services within Lower Swatara Township are highly trained and equipped to respond to the events occurring in our municipality. Although most people would hardly consider a building fire or vehicle accident with injuries "routine," the Lower Swatara Fire Department responds to building fires and vehicle accidents on a daily basis.

The Lower Swatara Police Department's "routine" patrols can change into a life or death event in seconds. Emergency Medical Services personnel "routinely" respond to medical emergencies and trauma many times each day. The Lower Swatara Public Works Department works each day to maintain the quality of our infrastructure, and is frequently required to go above and beyond the call of duty during long-term events such as during a winter storm. In spite of the extreme nature of many of these "routine" activities, the people serving Lower Swatara Township professionally and competently handle them on a routine basis.